Nothing but drama....
2001-12-07 20:20:04 (UTC)


Hooray !!! I finally found an outfit for Damiens Xmas
party, and I have lost 5 more pounds. I am way-excited. My
dress is so pretty too. Very elegant looking, like it alot.
Anyway, nothing has really happened these past few days.
Just have been shopping around, and stressing over it, but
now that thats over, I feel much happier, even thouhgh
Damien pissed me off already this morning. How is that
possible. He seriously needs to take some meds for those
fucken mood swings of his. He is a totally different person
at work. If you dont like whats going on at work, cool, but
SHIT dont take it out on me. And then he wonders why we
argue...hello, maybe that attitude has something to do with
it, sheeeeeesh!!! But whatever, hes not going to ruin my
day. Its a pretty day, and my son and I are having a good
time, just me and him. All those smiles I get, how can
anythign ruin my day. He is so precious. Thanks God I have
him, he is the most beautiful and the most precious!
Oh well, I better get going. Gotta fix the room. I will
write some more later or tomorrow. We will see how tomorrow
goes, Damien has a dental appointment at Gicels. pughleez!
I cant stand that stupid bitch.

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