The Boy Looked At Johnny
2001-12-07 20:04:03 (UTC)

December 7, 2001. Afternoon.

Random thoughts:

* That moron Craig. I'm boycotting Underground Sounds.

* We need to have a band meeting. Sunday's show was
terrible, and it left me unsure of my/our direction.
Talking to Dennis and Dave respectively eased the dread a
little bit. There needs to be some dialogue between the
five of us. It seems sometimes -- much of the time -- that
I'm the only member who's talking to everyone else.
Regardless, talking to Dave did re-energize me a lot.

* Shopping for clothes tonight. I've been following a
Poindexter-chic motif recently, and see no reason to
deviate from this path.

* Emo. E-M-O. Why am I noticing as of late so many
parallels between my own persona, priorities and tastes and
those of this particular subgenre, particularly in the
realm of dress, cultural tastes, tastes in the oppostie sex
and especially relations with the opposite sex? This
warrants further investigation. I am extremely skeptical.

* The Lindy thing. It's probably a big Nothing. It might be
a Something, but at the moment it's a Nothing, and when it
becomes a Something, I'll write about it in more depth.

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