The Nine Faces of Dave
2001-12-07 19:27:23 (UTC)

here at AT&T, our policy is to lie to the customer

Get ready, here comes another anti-AT&T Broadband post!

So the internet connection still isn't fixed, and I'm
posting from school again. AT&T is now officially the suck
company. Here's a detailed list of their fraudulent acts:

- Upon installation, they said someone would be along to
bury the cable in the backyard. Nobody ever came, nor did
they respond to three of my family's requests to bury the
damn thing.

- My internet connection was down for several days after
they fucked up the update of our credit card billing
information. The only thing to change was the expiration
date, and they couldn't even do that properly.

- When Excite first filed for bankruptcy, they said they'd
either buy the chunk of the Excite network that they used,
or they'd have their own network set to go. Neither of
those was true, and now I'm without home internet access.
I'll also be having to switch my e-mail address, which is
fuxored. Time to update eBay again...

They've probably done similar stuff to other customers (and
other stuff to similar customers). Ah well. I'm going to
make another post here as I listen to The Doors, because I
really don't want to mix a real update with my rantings
against the evil AT&T.