This is not mine
2001-12-07 18:51:23 (UTC)

This is not mine # 2

hey guys, today would be my first whole day of having a
very painful retainer. I got it first put on at about 4:30
ish yesterday. I had to wait a long time for the guy to
come in and put it in my mouth. When he finally got there
is said "smile" and i did. I felt it was going to be the
first time I would smile with free feeling teeth. He took
some pilars and bent it a little bit and then stuck it into
my mouth. It was not painful at all at first. Then he
said I was ready to go. And he really pushed it that I
should never have to take it out. Which I guess I
understand. I left and showed my boyfriend that was
waiting in the waiting room how stupid I looked.
Then I relized that I didn't know how to take it out.
(Wow! I didn't know he didn't want me to take it out that
bad!)((just kidding)) I went back in and he told me how to
take it off and put it back on. Then, Scott and I walked
to my dance studio that was about 4 blocks away. (I guess
they are called, blocks.) I gagged at least two times on
the spit that gets in your mouth. I showed everybody at
dance class and they all thought it was cute. It is red,
white, and blue. (like the flag, der!) But everybody
laughed when I tried to say, "she sells sea shells by the
sea shore." Well, i have to go, i hope you all likes
reading about my retarded retainer! bye