Love, Sex and College
2001-12-07 18:38:51 (UTC)

I am so Busy!

Well, hmm.... a lot had happened.

I went to a meeting with my Non-Western World teacher, she
told me I was very bright but slacked off in class. But
nontheless, I am getting a "B" in her class, if I do well
on the final and pass in a reflection I will get a B . I do
not give a fuck, I hate that class!

Well on the Andy front, I talked to him on Tuesday night
about maybe getting together with him on Wednesday, he told
me to call him then at 1 o'clock, I did of course because I
am a good girlfriend, but there was no answer, I called at
3, and there was no answer, and I called at 6 and talked to
Ally and she was on the other line and upset and said that
if he was home she would have him call me back, well I got

I gave him a ring the next day at about noon ish and talked
to him about seeing him on Thursday night. He said that it
shoudl work ot and that if it wasnt he would be calling me
back at 9 o'clock on Beth's cell phone if not I was going
to be up at his place at like 9:30. Well, I got to school
early so I tried calling him at 9, there was no answer.
Ally popped online, so I asked her if he was there and
such, she said no, and told me his dad came to pick him up.
I wrestled with the idea of still going up there but I did
not. Then at 9:30, Andrew calls from halfway across the
state telling me he is on his way home. He was supposed to
be home by midnight ish, and was going to be calling me
soon to let me know what is going on. But there was no call
from him. I went to bed and called his apartment at 1 am,
but I talked to a guy staying there and had a good little
talk with him, but Andy was not there. Then at like 1:30 in
the morning, Andrew calls me and tells me the linkage in
his brother's car broke so he is still stuck in Wochester.
I talked to him about seeing him today or tomorrow. I told
him that I have not seen him in a month and a half and I
miss him and want to see him. He asked what time would be
the latest he could call me...I told him to call me if he
could at whatever time. He then said he may be getting a
motel room, and he would call me when he got back at around
early afternoon today, so maybe I will be seeing him in the
next couple of days. I am not sure though. Well, I am going
to take a shower now.