Sporty Tomboy

2001-12-07 17:06:20 (UTC)

Wheres your huggies for constipation?

hey i feel special today cuz sean came and visited me when
i was writing my outline. YAY FOR SEAN my brother we was
separated at birth. YES Sean Colgan is my brother. Thank
you. well today i saw jami and i was so happy cuz she is
here and i missed her so much you have no idea! she is the
kewlest AND SHES HERE!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYY and well I just
wanted to tell you about that cuz I feel special and
loved :) hahah okay well anyways I cant wait til this
afternoon cuz i am going to ashleys house and wes gunna
annoy people at the mall with our KAZOOS and i get to meet
her one year old annoying niece who is just soo cute ive
heard i already love her lol i miss babysitting kids are
the kewlest and so fun to hang out with i want to babysit
again. HELP ME if you need a sub to babysit or something
tell me cuz ill do it. i swear. oh well guess what im gunna
write in my diary everyday now what a change i have been
procrastinating like crazy and now i can write again. cuz i
have time FINALLY WOOO! you know what i miss ashley and
will and general and sarah i havent seen you guys since
summer and it was so much fun this summer i gotta thank you
for giving me that awesome summer. i knew i had to put that
in my diary somewhere cuz you guys are awesome! i love you
all all the people i know are the greatest and if i havent
seen you in awhile i miss you! well call me sometime you
know the number and lalala okay i sang you a song yay isnt
that fun. okay well i am in history and i finished my
outline so i decided to write in here about my life. ooohhh
how fun. well i dont think this diary is about anything
really? is it i dont even remember what i wrote. well i
must say some shoutouts to some people i love. I gotta
thank ashley your the bestest friend a girl could ask for
and i hope you are enjoying your new set its sooo cute
thoiugh ya gotta admit! CHOP SUEY FOR YOU wait no thats me
given by you icky icky poo poo, sean your the kewlest
brother ever and i love you man! haha i hope your liking
the whipped cream mmmmm strawberries and cream, mary your
my sista and i love you twin and candy land is such a fun
game! stay warm this summer with SU ;), kat i miss you come
back from indianapolis! constipation isnt the same without
you! i need my katrina to come back i cant wait til monday
so i can give you a big hug and Dru I am so in love with
you you are the greatest guy I could ever hope for and im
sooo lucky that your all mine :) I am so happy that god
gave me you and my life has changed for the better since
you came into it. thank you, you've been the greatest
experience of my life and I can't wait for 2 years to be up
i have been counting the days :) I love you your the
greatest and never forget that and you are the purrfectest
and I can't wait to talk to my schweetay! my greatest times
are life are talking to you so please come back to me
soon :) everybody else you know i love you you guys are the
greatest i love all of you your the greatest friends a girl
could ask for and sorry i didnt put everyone in but the
periods almost over so i am so sorry i will get you soon
you know it. and well all those people i miss... i miss you
so call mee dudeeeeeeee cuz i love you guys :)

*HUGGIES FOR EVERYONE* where's the toilet paper??????? okay
i think everybody needs to learn the potty. We are all
adults here haha but everyone who needs hugs will get them
because i love all my people SO *BIG HUGS for ya all* and
if you need anything ask cuz ill do anything for you guys i
owe you my life and once again thanx everybody for making
my life the bestest ever! i hope everyones having as much
fun as me :)

*********Libbalicious Licky Libby is goneeeeeeeeee