Kairo's Korner
2001-12-07 14:17:40 (UTC)

December 7, 2001

Dear Diary,

What can I write about... There is really nothing
interesting going on in my life except for Luke and I
breaking up maybe. The other day I told him he had until
Jaunuary 1, 2002 to leave and be gone, but that is not what
I really want from him... I want him to stay and for us to
work out all our issues, but lord we have so many... I just
want us to be a normal couple... him working, me working
and going to school, taking care of our children and living
right... I love him but something is stopping me from
giving my heart to him completely..... i guess I am afraid
of being disappointed so I am waiting until he is all that
he promised to be, but that is not fair becuase in the mean
time I am not doing anything to help the situation.... he
says if I only admit that I am wrong sometimes, hell I
admit it, I am wrong sometimes. Why can't he see what he
is doing to me... I recognize my shit why can't he see
his... tommorrow is the weekend, we'll see how it goes.....

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