Sarah Michelle

Sarah Michelle
2001-04-02 20:06:18 (UTC)

I really appreciate the..

I really appreciate the feedback!! I know what I wrote
yesterday was really..uh..FREAKISH...but I was just
thinking alot yesterday about everything. I know I take
alot of things too seriously but I can't help it! When
things or people bug me they REALLY bug me...I don't know
why. They just do. In Bio today I found out that I have
dominant cool...go figue though!
I know what i say in this diary get's really personal and
that's why I chose to keep my mouth shut about it and not
let anyone at my school know about it but Andrea. No wI
wish I wouldn't have even told her. I mean if we were to
get into a fight all my problems and thoughts could be
spread around school! Not good! That's why I am thinking
about making this a private one now. I'm not so sure if I
should or not. I mean I really like getting feedback from
people and people helping me but lately Andrea and I have
been kinda if-ish. I was just a thought. I'll
write more later when I have more to say...