Savage Garden
2001-12-07 12:21:08 (UTC)

This will be my LAST diary entry here.

For matters that do NOT concern some people I must report I
need to stop with adding entries in here.

Last night was a disaster.

I was having a great time until someone told someone else
about a secret that I had.

He had positively NO right to tell the other that.

I love the other guy to death but this was MY secret.

The one that told the secret wasn't supposed to know either.

He had read what I did in here and took it upon himself to
let a dear friend I would do anything for in on my secret.

I logged off of yahoo last night and walked out of my house.

I thought being locked in my basement would be the worst
thing that would happen to me last night, I was proven

I was so depressed last night ( i'll also add I still am )
that I went to the park and just cried. I did other things
beside staying at a park that no-one that I talk to will
know about.

They could be bad and they might not.

But I'll ask you, what GOOD thing could someone do between
11pm and 5am ?

I really am completly heartbroken. But I'll get over it
after Ilive in self pity for weeks.

Depression sucks!

God damn I relized I talk alot. My fucking legs and arms

Not as badly as other parts of me.

I'll check this later for a reply from a friend that
e-mailed me. She made me smile with a sweet e-mail the other
day. TY Anna!

And to all that read this, I hope you keep those secrets
that friends close to you decide to share with you.

True secrets remain with true friends. Other's are nothing
but a waste of time. Take the time and smile. It'll make
someone else smile and in return make another. I've tested
that theory.