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2001-12-07 11:07:44 (UTC)

Dsl is up and running again

I'm so glad that DSL is working again, I have much to
update you about. Sophie Thomas needs to shut her damn
mouth, because she's gonna go to hell if she says anymore
shit, from the looks of it, she's probably on her way! God,
please do something to shut her trap, I say you smack some
duct-tape on it, but then I'd get in trouble, and Nelly
would be mad at me for getting in this mess. (I am a part
of it though, I help start up all the comotion, but that's
another story) If it wasn't for Sophie, then Nelly would be
spending the night tonight! errrr!
Moving on, when I was so deprived from the computer at
least 5 hours this week (when I usually get on because I
can't find something better or I don't feel like talking to
my mom) I did a lot of work in my studio. I haven't been in
there for over 3 months now and it felt good to get out the
paints and the pastels for a bit. I really am enjoying my
art class because my work has improved so much! I'm dying
to do photography though, I do admit I can draw, but I
really really wanna do photography. My parents told me that
I had to wait until I finish my art class before I got my
own professional camera, we have one, but it's not that
great. But not having the dsl this week allowed me time to
wipe the layer of dust of my table and materials.
I also really focused on my goals when trying to waste
time. I wanna be a better catholic, I want to gossip less,
not eat as much junk food (because lord knows I go through
a bag of chips a day! haha Rach) I want to visit Wesley,
only do three years of Highschool here (then I'll travel
and probably settle down in Kansas for a bit until I go off
to college) and I want to be a better friend. Those are my
goals, and the three years of Highschool-I'm working my ass
off for that-I have a 3.9 gpa, and I want a 4.0 like no
other! I wanna get out of fucking Michigan as soon as
I have to go eat breakfast, I'll write more later!
lil p