DayDream Believer
2001-12-07 10:53:02 (UTC)

Happy days!

I`ve finished school for today five minutes ago, that was
the last french class this year!!!
So now Im sitting dow here at the computer room, lisneing
til old Christmas songs on my discman.
Im going in to town now, I have some shopping to do and
then I wanna do something I havent done on many years: ice
skating. I did it one winter on the ice, but thats long
ago, I`ll have to learn it all over agen.
Hihi, Im gonna be Bambi on ice 2.
But its okey, the reson I want do it is cause when I was
staying away from Stian I told my self that I should use
this time to do special things and have fun. Even though he
came and spoiled my whole plan, Im gonna do this. And I am
realy loking forward to it!
Get some time on my own, no school or work, no kids hanging
arund me asking me to play with them, no boys, no one I
know, a new thing, a new beginning.

I havent talked to Stian on some days now, maybe I`ll do it
today when I get home, dunno. And Chris, well he havent
answerd any of my messages, Matt keep sending me messages
and my ex have started to send me some to. I think he`s
gonna call me one of these days. Then Im probobly gonna
pretend that Im angry with him.
No one can boss around with this girl.
Like every other normal girl I love shopping, I have to
start to buy some presents to my friends and get me some
new clothes. If Stian is coming to school I dont wanna walk
around in this ragged clothes.....

Lots of Christmas love from Angel