What's up now?
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2001-12-07 08:07:38 (UTC)

:) :) :)

All I can do is sit here and smile.....tonight has been one
of the best ever!!!! So at like 1230ish rachel and I
decided to Dye our hair before the WEEZER concert, so mine
has some blue streaks in it(more to be added tomorrow) and
hers is more bright red ones! Its fun :) So then we were
off to the concert....we got a little lost on the way to K-
zoo(I'v never made it successfully to my destination and
not been lost) but we finally go to the concert. I saw
like half of my highschool there I swear, it was kinda cool
seeing everyone again but weird too...but nice :) oh and
while waiting in line I saw ty and his was
awesome, I didnt expect to see them at all!!! so anyways we
were finally in...imediatly Rachel and I rushed to the was going to be sweet ass until the people all
started pushing like crazy and we were crushed and it
sucked....we really wanted to stay but I wanted to watch
the concert, not have to worry about whether I was going to
get trampled and anyways we still ended up being
REALLy close and had a great view :) It was
fantastic...Jimmy Eat world was VERY good :) I had never
heard them before but I found them to be thouroughly
enjoyable...Tenacious D sucked my ass hole hard core, and
then there was Weezer....ahhh....It was sooo great....I
dont even know how to explain, they put on a fantastic show
and I was in heaven....ahhh
After the concert we of course had to wait to get out of
the parking lot so I got out and started asking boys if
they wanted to make out with the other 6 girls i was
with...some stopped and talked but the other girls were to
scare to make would have been funny...then a boy
with a cape, tight red pants a tight red shirt and his
underwear on the outside came running by like a psycho...we
got our picture taken with him :) haha, then as we're
waiting in the line of care we see a car all steamed up
just sitting, then a head pops up, then another....either
she was giving some amazing head or they were doin
was funny....anyways we got out eventually and were on our
way lost again...thanks for not listening to my
directions...but anyways 2 1/2 hrs later were were
home....ahhh what a night :)