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2001-12-07 07:19:44 (UTC)

Crikey, it's been over a month!

I am a lazy bastard. I haven't updated this in like...
forever, not that that matters because the only people that
really read it anyway know me in real life. And my life is
not that interesting. A few exceptions:

1. My grandma's in the psych ward again, she is nutty coo-
coo with what could very well be senile dementia :(

2. I made honour roll at my school with 3 A's and 1 B.

3. I got my driver's liscence and i'm driving at every
oppertunity that i have.

That's all the new stuff anyway. I'm still working at Soup
Etc! which is going pretty well. I only work on Sundays,
from 11 to 3 which is totally fine with me. I only need a
little bit of money for entertainment expenses.

There have been a few really rough spots in my life in the
last little while and I think I've come through them in
relatively good condition. I've still got family, friends
and love, despite the stressors that those tend to bring
out. ;) Other than that, I'm okay.

Oh, well... aside from that i have a cough that's turning
my lungs inside out, but that's not really a big deal.
*spits blood*

Hmm... what else have I done lately... Oooh, in Nov. I went
and saw the Reel Big Fish, Goldfinger and a local ska band
called Crowned King. It was at the Commodore Ballroom and
it was a mega-rad show. I've seen a few movies too, "Riding
in Cars with Boys" (mega chick flick) and "Shallow Hal"
which was pretty well done.

hmm... meh. that's about all I can think about now, and
it's pretty much all i have to say. i'm going to try to
update this more, it's really a stress reliever. Good for
ranting, ya know?

Song of the Moment: Goldfinger- Counting the Days
My mood: really friggin' sleepy.

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