down in my eyes
2001-12-07 06:39:02 (UTC)

Vague Complications

Ehhh, nothing muchO came of taday. It was normal, and
nothing of excitement happened.
Have you ever had one of those days tho, that are soo
normal, and soo neutral... that.... they're bad dayz..?
I dunno, but it's as tho I NEED something to happen.. I
NEED something.. in my days.. to make me laugh, or
smile.. or I NEED something to crumble, and go horribly
bad,... which will accuallly only make me even more
depressed than I am,.. ....But that's another story.

When nothing goes bad, nor good, I start getten scared.
It worries me, because my whole life has only been a
big wave. Full of upside down, twists and turns.
It's sorta,kinda as tho I'm waiting for these
calm,neutral, so called feelings,~ to suddenly drop.
'N then I cry miserably, trying to claw myself out
of this black hole I seem to be within,...
no matter what.
But that's a whole different story too..

On the lighter side, I spoke to him taday... =)
It was only for a minute. But each moment with him is
worth 1,000 words. and each second, one I enjoy.
You can call me easily pleased,.. 'cos... he doesn't even
have to say a word. and he makes me happy. ..But...
he doesn't even KNow... tho..
Have you ever found someone, who, even without words,
can leave you in a state of contentment?
I think, one of the happiest times, is when you can be
with that person. That ONe person, who can fulfill you,
with their simple presence. 'N when you KNOW that the
object of your affection,..THis person,.. returns the
same feelings.

But I duno, i could be wrong,..