The Real Me
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2001-12-07 06:11:30 (UTC)

The same thing over and over again

Today is Friday, one day to Saturday
HOw can life be so boring and dull. I know i can find some
activities to spend time with like swimming in the club or
go shopping but all of these are so boring. The schedule of
every single day is the same.

9.00 am/ 10.00 am - I have my breakfast while reading a
a magazine.
12.00 pm - Lunch time !!
1.00 pm - I'll surf the Internet
4.30 pm - It's time for a shower
5.30 pm - I'll be watching some crappy programme
on TV
7.30 pm - Take a break
8.00 pm - My favourite programme on tv
10.30 pm - Hang around in my room
11.00 pm - ZZZzzzZZZZzZzzzZzzzZ

See? Thatz how my life goes every single day !! I'm gonna
go crazy and sick living with this pathetic life style !!

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