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2001-12-07 06:00:03 (UTC)

Kris and Becca

God I miss ya'll so much! And to see you there
everytime I go to church kills me because I see your being
hurt and I know that Im part of the cause, AND IM SOOOOO
I cant get you any thing for christmas or nothing.
But In 3 years, We will show people that we will be
friends. and that they wont keep us apart.
~*~ My favorite Quote ~*~
*If you see a chance to be happy grab it with both
hands, the Hell wtih the consiquences.
Why is life so hard, I know God never puts us through
things that we cant handle, but still its the heavy things
that get me down.
I want the 2 of you to know I love Ya'll and miss ya'll
so much. I'll see ya Sunday, even if I can only (see) and
not talk to you. You'll know Im there.
Bestest Friends Forever and Always
Ashley, Kris, Becca
(Sunny, Peaches, Giggles)