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2001-12-07 05:39:05 (UTC)

If I'm W/ My Future, Y Do I Miss My Past

I feel so confused, I mean im going with Randy and I really
like him its just that a lot of people are getting between
us. And I feel as though Im not giving him enough, I mean I
wanna do certain thiings with Randy but its just that Shane
is there and everytime I try to start, i cant because Shane
is there watching. I know Im supposed to be over Shane by
now. and the other day it was like i was completly over
him, but now i guess i was wrong, i dont know why but it
was just like he just came up to me and hugged me and there
it was again, that same ol' feelin'. But I am with Randy
now and Shane did let me go, I just hope that people leave
me and Randy alone, and If Shane ever wants to come back
(thats doubtful, but theres always wishful thinking) then
that door will always be open!
~*~Anyways~*~ In other news, Brandon and Jenny are like
crazy for each other, and Im closer friends with both of them right
now then Ive ever been before.

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