my life and thoughts
2001-04-02 18:27:16 (UTC)

HEY.. this is my first time..

this is my first time writing in life isnt too if ur reading this i dont know
o well neways..for some reason my life has been going so
greatlately ..wich is pretty suprising for me since things
never seem to go right. i mean i finally got to go out with
this guy that i have liked forever(jason). And i got one of
my best friends back. she finally forgave me of something
really dumb that i did. wich i cant even for give myself
for,AND I also got amy..she is my best friend sometimes i
dont know what i would do with out her.she is the
greatest ..although she thinks im annoying..j/k..funny one
amy ..and my family life has been decent lately besides the
fact that my dad gripes all the time but that will never otn want to get into that ..and at school well
things have been overall great ..besides this girl holly
she alwys is talking shit about me and i know i dont do a
damn thing but that dont suprise me since she is just
totally 2 faced towards everyone..thiss girl ahs more
enemies that friends..i dont know what the hell her problem
is .. i dont know ,,in a way i think she is jelous of
me ..for many reasons..i mean her and amy use to be best
friends but now its me and amy and her and stacey are good
friends or her and stacey were friends until stace found
out how holly was talking behind her back too .. but
neways i got a boyfriend wich is omething that she wants i
know and not to be conceited but im alot prettier that her.
i dont know ...i think thats what its is ,, who knows?????
but this is weird cause me and her use to be pretty good
friends at least i thought so ...oh yea i cant forget holly
keeps telling jason stuff tahst not true to get him to
break up with me,..she has really brought this way
toofar really close to putting her on the spot and
telling her how 2 faced everyone thinks she is and then
possibly beating her ass,, its not my fault he picked me
over stacey(cause stace liked him too )it wasnt
intentional ..its not like i made him pick me .. and
besides stacey even thinks holly is being a real bitch by
doint that...
i dont know this is the best my life has evr been and now
that i think of it it still sort of suxs ,, o well life is
life i guess who said it was always going to run nce and
smoothly ,..
well i had no intentions of writing this much so i think
ill go now ..later
me !!

P.S. for some reason at the end of all this
stuff i dont think it wil be so great since life has always
had its ways of kicking me in the ass ..