hello kitty cat
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2001-12-07 05:11:40 (UTC)

Jazz and Coffee

On the way home today Jeanie was talking about how when she
was 6 she wanted to jump off bridges...and then she said
she loved us...but anyway..

So Sam, Katy, Joselin and some other people..and of course
myself ...went to Barnes and Noble to see this poetry
reading thingo...It was incredible. I didn't realize what a
good writer Andrew was...He is really talented. Katy got up
and read one of Jason's poems...she looked like she was
going to cry afterwards ..she was so nervous. I think
potentially she could be really good at reading poetry. She
decided to hold an "open mic" night on Sat at her that shoudl be interesting. Other than that not
much happened. I was super tired today...I had a really
long talk with Katy..I explained my theories on life and
death to her...and I guess she had no clue clue what
I really thought. I'm tired though...and I think I'm gonna
go call Jason.