even elizabeth hurley goes to the loo
2001-12-07 04:32:00 (UTC)

so, it was good

today, intense... so, i wake up late, my alrm clock goes
off at like, 3 am and i tun it off, and og back to sleep
until, 715, late for me, but i take a shower, cause i
ahdn;t taken a nice shower ina few days... so im late, i
dontl; have any clean clothes, and we;re late.... but i
grab breakfast, and we go... i get to kellys,a nd eat, and
lee is late, and we listen to incubus... i get to schhol,
late, as always, but today, mr morgans gives me the option
of singing a song, so i sing a song, do a dance, and i
escape my tardie, a football player tells me i made his
day.. its first period... later today, he said hi to me in
the halls, and acted surprised when i didnt immediatly say
hey back, seeing as id never talked to him, not piut of
necesity... ntohing happened until lunch, when i was giving
out hersheys kisses, and i said to miek, hey mike, wanna
kiss? and i handed him one, and he said not that kind.. so
i kissed him on the cheek... and mayeb it was a friendly
thing, maybe it was a bold thinkg, mayeb it was nothing..
maybe it was more? either way... neither way... so i went
and talked to alex and kelly all in art, and it was good..
i ... it was good.. i like them... so, after school, jeanie
drives us home, and we talk abotu gun control and how, if
kelly had had a gun when she was 6 shed have killed
herself, and kelly and jeanie talked abotu suicide
impulses, and i sat back, and was like, amazed... this
happens? i mean, i knew it happend, thats naive of me to
say, and stupid, it.. but... i had no idea, i did, but..
no... as we get out of the car, jeanie says she loves us,
and it was really nice... as much as we talk abotu jeanie,
she really, sometimes has some insightful things to say,
and her opinion sometimes really carries alot of weight...
and it made me feel good at least.. so kelyl and i cook
dinner, and we begin to talk... and we talk, about god, and
the owrld, religion, reincarnation, our family, tradition,
all things it hought i knew baotu kelly, and to some poeint
i did, but.. it really, i see more of why kelly does some
things she does, adn how she justifys things.. it was
really nice, we talked through sunset, and into dusk, we
dont turn on a light, its gets dark,a dn we're still
talking, and still, we tlakin in was eerie,
the darkness, slightly, but, it was nice... kelly is in a
way difernt place mentally than i will be.. and its
interesting... it makes so much sense, waht she says and i
see how it corolates iwth her life, and her actions, her
thoughts... so sam is at the door, dark star shirt on, his
new blue hat, and we go to barnes and noble, to hear a
poety reading, kally sam and i, an i fell .. sam and i were
supposed to go to dinner, me and i, so we could talk, but,
we will... i hop he dones; tfeel im blwoing him off,c ause
its naythig but that, so we go to barnes and noble, frieman
has set up this poetry reading, and hes a intense poet, i
had no idea, i mean, id heard, but id never HEARD.. belw me
away, he writes, perhaps things, teh way id like to, his
words made me want to paint, thast hat they did, they
painted, he paitns with is words, at least he does in my
mind.. kelly gave me a poem that joasn wrote to read, it
was sudden, andid read it once, but that the hell? so i
read it, and it was ok, good subject matter, but..
delivery.. impomptu... so.. sam and joselin talk, and he
comes to sit next to me, smiling, and its good.. sam had to
watch a dog be euthanized today, wait tiwh the animal, and
its owener as the docotor... putzed aorund, i guess, and i
think he really felt it.. he felt tseothngi else, but
woudlnt say what... so.. at the end of the reading, we all
talk, and decide, peotry reading at my house, saturday,
we'll see how that develops... hoepfull well.. cause im
excited... my mind is racing, i wan tto dream tonight, i
haope im not too tired, i want to paint tonight.. i want to
be, ahh this poerty, look wahst its done to my diary entry!
im a fruit! a mango perhaps, ahhhh..... i smile...