a little piece of me
2001-12-07 04:28:21 (UTC)


i still feel like a total fucking idiot for yesterday, but
i'm actually in a good mood. went christmas shopping
today :) i bought my friend jessie this huge soft stuffed
panda that she's been eyeing for a while now. she's going
to kick my ass :D let's see...i also got my grandma and
heather something. just 2 presents left and i'm all done.
i'm going to send heather and tabitha's package tomorrow.
that's going to cost an arm and a leg! it's sooo heavy! i
just hope they like what we (bro and i) got them. i'm also
going to call heather tomorrow. i haven't got to talk to
her much lately. :( i understand the reasons though. i
also gotta call brett tonight. that's getting really
expensive, and i'm going to have to quit before i go
broke! i'm sure the bill's going to be at least 50 bucks
for this week. that's just this week!!! so, phone bill
for the month is going to be over 100, credit card the
same, plus all my other bills. i'm going to be pretty
strapped for money for a little bit. sucks, but oh well.
it's just money. what's the point of having it if you're
not going to spend it. :D

anywho, my stomach hurts, and i need to get ready to call
el bretto. have a good friday everyone.


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