Olivia's Kickin' Diary
2001-12-07 04:20:19 (UTC)

roller coaster

why is my life such a roller coaster? For a while there
everyday was so great.. lately its like I'm in a great mood
and then somehow it all comes crashing down. Tonight for
example ended up being one of the worst nights of my life.
All was good- had a great day in school. Emmily got her
license today! :) GO EMM! and came to see me.. all was
well.. then my sister called b/c I called a left a message
whining that I never get to talk to her anymore. So she
tells me that my mom says I'm "changing".. and not in a
good way. That hurt me so bad. My mom is one of my best
friends. She is one of few that I would give anything for
and I know she'd do the same for me-- she has proved it
plenty of times. I hate to disappoint her. I dont know
what to do. I know I've changed but I didnt think it was
in a bad way. I still have the same personality-- I just
like different things now. So until I decide upon
something better-- I took down all my non-popish stuff and
pulled out all my N Sync stuff and changed everything
around on the comp so it only says Im going to like
NSYNC.com and stuff.. if thats what she wants from me- I
guess thats what I hafta give her. I dont want to make her
sad. My mommy means everything to me. I just dont know what
to do.. and I sound like such a lil baby b/c I cant handle
my mom being upset w/ me.. but let me tell u-- until u've
almost lost ur mom dont be thinking anything. It'll make u
appreciate her for the wonderful person she is! God I need
some serious mental help.. lol