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2001-12-07 04:16:27 (UTC)

desert sands

damits been along time since I got to burn off all this
city life .. I spent a whole week in the desert with nothin
around me for miles and miles just the desert sand,babygirl
and our boys .done the desert thing a few times nd I dont
mind goin a week without a shower but I never brought a
girl with me I have to amit that she hung tough.. from the
sand storms to the sand in her ears she never wined about
wanting to leave. I did cater to her every need as best as
possible.and she kept me warm when I needed it.
thanksgiving turkey was dry but that was cool we had some
juicy ass ham to make up for it.I keep tellin myself that
Im not gonna have these feelings for tis girl. she cant
domuch for me IM a single sucessful father tryin to step my
life up a notch.thisgirl is a single mothr on state
assistance who will spendher last 10 dollars on a twelve
pack of coronas. I tell my mind to tell my heart were out
ofhere but I get no more tha ten feet away when the pain
hits .If I dont hre from her for mor than a day I feel my
whole life is off track. I talk to her on the phone and
when e hang up i feel that urge to pick it up andcallher
back.but for now Ill play the role of a fool and se how it
all plays out

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