This is not mine
2001-12-07 04:15:13 (UTC)

This is not mine # 1

hey guys!
how are you guys. I'm good because I'm positive that my
diary is going to be the best in here. My diary is going
to just be any random thoughts that I think and want to
write about.
My bestest friends name is Rita E. She is the bestest and
she is just like me. So, you know what that means. We are
both the bestest. Der!
My true loves name is, Scott B. He has really awesome blue
eyes and I love him very much. I guess you can say he's
true blue. Tehe.
I have been taking tap dancing classes for 10 years now. I
really love it and I'm really good at it. It's a passion.
(passion - is a awesome word). At this years recital I'm
going to get a trophy and I get to say a small 'thank you'
speech. I plan to have it written and memorized by then.
It will be the bestest. I will thank my mom and my dad and
everybody, like scott and rita and the rest of my family
and friends. But I won't list them off because that would
be boring. Der!
I'm gonna end it with "I love my, Daddy" because I really
do. I miss him everyday. I think about him everyday. I
would give anything for him back, but I know that is not
I really miss my two nieces, Taylor (9) and emily (6) and
my new adopted nephew, Joshua (1). I haven't seen them in
a couple months because my sister and my mom got in a
really big fight. We basicly have disowned eachother. A
couple weeks ago we got a check in the mail from my sister
for 9 thousand dollars, which is how much my sister
borrowed from my mom. (because they were in debt) My mom
and I felt that really finalized that we would never be a
family again. That was a really sad day. I really miss
them. When I get a car and I can drive, I will do anything
I possibly can to see my kids. They are the cutest.
I am also in a jazz class and hiphop class. (is hiphop one
word or two?, I don't know) My hip hop teacher is lke 29
years old and still lives with his mom. He really needs to
move out and find himself a wife. He kind of went out with
one of the other girls in my class. She was 17 at the time
and now she's 18 but she is still in high school. (a senior)
I don't think they are together now, but It's something
nobody really talks about.
My big brother is 22 years old. He smokes cigarettes
because he is addicted. I don't know how he could be so
stupid. I don't understand. Smoking causes cancer. They
are cancer sticks.
bye now guys