**~Urban Angel~**

**~She Falls Apart~**
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2001-12-07 04:08:50 (UTC)

**~I WiSh......~**

Hey hey,=) =)
OMG I was walking past my home class for lunch and that
John guy was all the way on the sports field,He sees me and
waves at me! I cant believe he hasnt got the hint yet.I
dont want to be mean to him or anything i just dont want
him to get the wrong impression.And then Yuthika Asked him
if he had a crush on me and he said YES!(like it wasnt
obvious!).Anyway I have the most sweetiest thing written in
my camp book from ROMAN!
He wrote me this big long messege and at the end he said "I
hope we keep in touch for eva and eva and never forget each
other"!!!!!! then he left his PHONE NUMBER!
I dont know if that means anything though....HMMMMMMMM.....

Well I better go do my homework(Can you believe it,Homework
on the last weeks of school?!?)
I love you all da way 2 da moon 'n' back..........
**~UrBaN aNgEl~**

**~I WiSh I mAy,I WiSh I mIgHt, WiSh UpOn ThIs CaNdLe