My Life.............
2001-12-07 03:52:24 (UTC)

My brother..:(

my sister told me today that my brother is very sick, he
broke some ribs at work awhile back and somehow they
damaged his spleen, and the doctors found a spot on his
liver, they said it could possibly be a tumor, hes only in
his 20's...:( they took him to the hospital today, hes so
weak, he cant eat anything, i guess he lost like 40
i walked up to visit him at the house, when i got there my
sisters were already there, they told me that he was in the
hospital, and they said that my brother told my stepdad
that my mother who died of cancer was visiting him, she
told him to keep going back for tests because there is
something wrong.....I dont know what ill do if they say it
is cancer, i dont want to lose him, i dont know what id do
without him.:( i have to call my other brother tomorrow and
let him know whats going on, i know ill start crying, i
lost it when i walked up earlier to the house and they told
me about what Mike had said about my mom, and i almost lost
it in the hospital when i went to visit him tonight, but, i
made myself straighten up, he doesnt need to see me
breaking down.:(
whatever happens i have to be stronger than when my mom
was dying of cancer, i couldnt go to visit her, i couldnt
stand hearing or seeing the oxygen tank she was hooked up
to, and later when she couldnt get out of bed, i couldnt
take it, to me that wasnt my mother anymore, and now i feel
so guilty for not being there for her, i wont make the same
mistake this time, i just hope it isnt cancer and that my
brother will be allright.............