the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
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2001-12-07 03:50:05 (UTC)

cause to day is the day

im so worried my little brother has always been able to
talk to me about everything
him and andrea were so good together and i know it has
crushed him beyond belief
i just wish he could talk to me

i have my math final tomorrow im not that worried but my
bio final is tuesday and i have to study like a mad man--
well woman

meggs is hiding something she seems to be happy but thats
just b/c of her being able to sleep
i can see it in her eyes that she is struggling with some
frustrations i dont know if its b/c of jamie or if its
something else but im worried.

my little brother on top of his recent downfall is also
worried about me......says i give my heart away too quickly
that i may little brother but im cautious dont you worry

i still miss hanging with the guys i need to get over there
sometime this weekend maybe tomorrow night

well im off to bed
love all
the kelly