2001-12-07 03:20:42 (UTC)

Bored again...

Hey it is me myself and I. All 5 people and we are so bored. Today I was looking forward
to 8th period and our second performance. I thought we
would have some fun and party again. I doubted that there
would be much partying and tried not to get my hopes up,
but it didn't work that well. They didn't let us play the
music at all. We couldn't get there before, we had no free
time and we had no time afterwards. This sucked cause we
didn't party at all and I REALLY wanted to. I don't
remember the last time I've been at a party. I wanted to
raise my grades by becoming somewhat of a nerd, and I
succeeded way too well. Everyone thinks there is something
completely wrong with me. That I believe it or not, am
believed to be the quiet shy girl. Well yesterday I showed
them that I'm not who they thought I was at all. I just
hope they'll get to know me more then just a girl that
dances well, is shy and gives good lap dances. I am much
more than that. Bad thing is that I'm too quiet for them to
find out. The guys that are really popular and out going
are the ones I would like to meet, but they are always
occupied to even experiance something outside their circle.
Oh well.
Another thing. I read my fun and flirty horoscope for
tomorrow and it said that I have a secret admirer. Well,
ofcourse. After I gave a guy a lap dance, he told me he
loved me three times. Other guys started paying more
atterntion to me too. Bad thing is, that as usuall, I tried
to restrain myself, but the music just made a freak of me.
I just wanted to dance though. It wasn't my idea with the
lap dances. But it seemed fun though. Especially that
afterward that's all we did. I just wanted to dance. The
bad thing about me is that if people don't dance and
there's good music, I just bust out with the most peculiar
moves. It's my way of motivating people to dance but it
backfires. I guess my original point in this paragraph was
that alot of guys opened up to me and started talking to me
after they saw me dance.

Well that's all for now. Chow.
-Amnesia Spring

P.S. Tomorrow is the last show and I wanna go to the cast
dinner. I was 100% committed and came to every rehearsal.
Unfortunatly most of the scenes I'm in, I get thrown on the