Squeeb's world
2001-12-07 02:32:14 (UTC)

He's kinda adorable...

I laugh when Kim says that but man does it fit some people.
I watched part of Pearl Harbour again just to see my Joshy
and my God that boy... I swear. He's adorable yes, oh my.
But anyhoo, I'm off on a tangent. Let's talk about my Ethan.
Ethan from Survivor Africa. Ok so he's not the hottest thing
on this earth but he's such a cutie and so sweet. Granted,
he's not exactly Colby from the Outback but he's close
enough. He's so co-ordinated from being a pro soccer player
and he's just so damn adorable. Mind you, he's got this wild
hair but it adds to part of his charm. And that cute little
smile. And he's not like a backstabber like all the rest of
them. He says who he's going to vote for and he sticks to
it. None of this jumping ship and turning on your friends.
He deserves the million bucks. I want him to win. Anyhoo...
My headache seems to have gone away for the time-being.
Knock on wood. It was around all last night and all today.
It was so bad this morning that my vision actually blurred
while trying to cross the street and I thought I was going
to black out. Then I think I DID black out on Kim's bed in
the afternoon because the next thing I knew it was an hour
later and I had missed Passions. Hee hee hee oops.
Well the Petes just tied Belleville. I despise
Belleville but I suppose a tie is better than a loss... I
get to see them Saturday night so we'll see. Well I think
I'm gonna head'er. Later.

Current mood: tired
Current music: Petes game