Oh the crazy life of mine...
2001-12-07 02:14:11 (UTC)


life is odd isn't it... the people u really like scare u
and u want to stop likin them but ur feelings just wont
die.. this is wat it is like wit zack... i just dont get
it... he gets these phases where hes just... mean and
violent...(welll not violent violent) and i just like him a
ton... but i dont want to be like abused or anything... but
i can't just stop the feelings inside me... got any advice?

next thing on the agenda:
school: im doin bad... i can't seem to care about it
anymroe.. i used to b so concerned about my grades and i
just dont give 2 shits anymore... arggg i dont care

Christmas: i need 2 get xmas presents... i dont kno

Pete: hes 3 years older than me?? IS THAT OK?? and is it ok
just to use him for the play?

WEll nite nite