Blood and Chocolate
2001-12-07 02:01:54 (UTC)

war zone

Hey everyone
Sup ? hmmm not much here I just had the shittiest (sp) day
ever! OMG ! I don't think it could get anyworse!!!
seriously ! Well I was harrassed on the bus ! go figure but
I couldn't do anything cause I would have been expelled
from school !!!! so I had to sit there and take this shit
from these guys who were like all over me and I couldn't
touch them cause i would have gotten in trouble ! and
Ashley couldn't help me cause she would have gotten in
trouble and so when this one guy like grabbed my boob I
smacked his arm ! well then the kid and his friends started
saying the shit on the bus like screaming it and then they
went home and told their parents these outrageous lies and
guess who got in trouble ??? ME!! the guys made up some
shit that I had a 'weapon' on me , and all this other shit
and then that Sophie bitch went home and told her mom such
unbelievable crap her mom called my mom and my mom and I
had the biggest fight! that girl sophie told her mom
something that is so unbelievable i can't even say it in
here! well my mom asks what happend and i told her and the
guess whos side she takes , sophies !!!!!!! and we get in
this huge ass fight, everything was said from ' i never and
i mean never want to talk to you again' ,' you are ahorrid
child , I wish I would have had an abortion' , ' your such
a bitch I don't want you in my life !' everything was
said ! omg ! wow talk about a war zone . she slapped me i
slapped her back. it was crazy ! she was like screaming at
me in my face and i was yelling right back ! wow scary as
hell ! anyways I gotta bounce!