Adoption IS A Nightmare
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2001-04-02 15:00:59 (UTC)


Here is a SAMPLE of my wacky mail:
NOTE how this woman doesn't blame herself ANY for her

From: [email protected]
I read your entry, but I can not believe what you say.
Adoption can be a very powerful positive thing between the
adoptive parents and the parent.
It is or sometimes be good. I have a teenage daughter that
has not learned to love herself yet. She sees her son as a
cute baby, but totally unable to give the emotional. It is
not negative, she just has not learned the skills. It does
not mean she is a bad person.
Also she has no place to live really floating from place to
place. No car. She just recieve her GED.
That was not really even the problem. I would have raised
him until she learned what she needed, get a apartment and
The problem was the guy she slept with. They are the most
worst people I have ever known in my life. They (Dad-
Doug, and Grandfather) would never stop causing destruction
to her or me. The trouble they keep causing, the drugs,
weapons- the whole nine yards. Ten law suits. The baby go
to different caregivers because they are causing so much
trouble.They are causing everyone to be evicted.
The only life this baby could ever have would be God's
world or that horrible world. It is sad I know, but the
baby could have holly parents, and a father that would be
so good to him. Or else he would become like them.
They had a person lie to say the adoptive parents did not
want the baby, so the police went to pick him up and his
life is disrupted again. He is in a foster home. This is
the kind of thing s they keep doing over and over. It is
because of them, he has to be given to adoptive parents.
I count it as all joyful,because the 15 month will have a
all new begining with Godly parents.
I cannot believe that people can be that crazy. My
daughter was in a bad zone when she met the father.They
will never stop and it came to this for the sake of the
I do not know how you feel about kids without a
father, but I feel to give any child a Godly father is the
greatest gift on the face of this earth.
I could hate those people, but I cannot think negative
about anyone.
Thank-you for reading my sorrow. It will all be over soon.