Til Now
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2001-12-07 01:31:58 (UTC)

8:27 p.m. EST on December 6

Today i woke up at 645. i had to be at work at 730. with
15 minutes to get ready i barely made it to the base. i
walked into the building and left more stupid than before.
i dont know what happened. most of the base offices didnt
open until 9am so there i was brighteyed and bushy tailed
but for what? nothing. i went back to the battleship and
was not so happy with what i was volunteered to do. see i
have to be apart of a detail that consists of "passing the
flag" which is a time honored tradition, i guess. the
ceremony is about the flag and its meaning. if you want
more info go to and type in "old glory" just a
reading about the symbologuy of the RED WHITE AND BLUE. i
am one of six people that salute the flag while passing
it. not bad. the ceremony should last for about 15
minutes but for some people its means so much more.

So tomorrow is Pearl Harbor Day. my bf bought the dvd but
told me that we couldnt watch it. hehehe. he has his way
all the time, its so cute. even though we have our little
tiffs, aaron knows i love him. words sometime dont come
out right and hopefully he realizes that im not feeling
good. and it is not him. just that this whole me getting
separated from the navy is mentally draining. i should
tell him what i am thinking but sometimes i dont know half
the time.

I really hate that i can type out my thoughts but when it
comes down to it i cant tell him how much i feel
scatteredbrained. well diary thanks for being here for
me. write on you again soon.