Life of a rockstar....NOT!
2001-12-07 01:18:11 (UTC)


Hello again. Well, today I just couldn't bring myself to go
to school. Luckily, my mom didn't make me because I have a
really bad cold and my I could barely talk because of a
sore throat. But I coulda made it through school with that,
I just didn't want to go because I needed a day off from
all of the stress and everything. But then tonight, I don't
know what I am gunna do because I've sent zack like 5
emails and he hasn't written back to any of them. Is that
supposed to mean something? So i went through and read all
the other emails that he had sent to me, and it's just so
weird because in all of them he told me how much he cared
for me and how much he liked me and how he was never going
to break up with me. Well, that changed. Hopefully he was
serious when he said the thing about getting back together
in February, I know that I will be waiting for him. Today I
just layed around the house, slept til 12, watched Pearl
Harbor...JOSH HARTNETT IS FRICKIN HOTT!lol he's my fave
actor. Well I geuss that's all for now. ttyl