i guess this is what u want to read..
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2001-12-07 01:02:20 (UTC)

soda machine

went to school..during pd b this guy came in from an art
school that i wanted to go to for awhile..he got to draw
ppl if they wanted to be drawn..i got drawn!!! hahah it
looks nothing like me really..but i thought it was cool..bc
like at hershey park you hafta pay 15 dollars and we got it
done for free..and he did one drawing in like 1 min. he was
really good..then i came home and got on the
net..chatted..then went out to skate..it was fun..but it
kinda rained..then went home and came on here..and i met a
new friend..hah..he seems pretty cool..and he wants to take
me to the cafe..im really scared..bc i dunno..i never met a
guy who wanted to take me somewhere after only seeing my
pic..but i think its cool..heh..but thats all that
happened..and now..im done..OHHH today like people pissed
me off..haha just thought id tell you..heheh ok bye

feeling: i still like AS...heh!

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