No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2001-12-07 00:40:07 (UTC)


hey everyone! hi Nick, hello Jessica. well, i just decided
to write this and say that I'm sorry to both of you. I
shouldn't have over reacted. Life is too short and we can't
all live this way. You two are my favorite people! lol.
even though you do make me mad sometimes. but i love you
guys anyways.

jessica- we do need to talk before everything is "good"
between us, and you dont need to apologize cuz you already
did. i may be a little angry, but it isnt much. but i'm
sure you already know that. we need to tell eachother
EVERYTHING. good or bad and sort through months of

nick- i shouldnt have kept arguing with you. sorry!

please leave me a message in my diary or e-mail me to let
me know you guys read it. i'll check this and my e-mail
tomorrow morning.

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