kokoro no yokubou

scumble on tortured color
2001-12-07 00:25:57 (UTC)

spike's not dead

so, i promised myself that i would keep this diary up, and
look at me. it's been a while. but what the hell am i
supposed to say? nothing remotely interesting has happened
lately, except for the possibility of downloading knockin'
on heaven's door. except that i'm kind of a purist, not to
mention a sucker for david lucas' sultry vocals, so at
least half of me wants to wait until the actual release.
but then again, if other series-turned-movies are any
indication, i could have to wait THREE YEARS. and then
there's always the possibility that some random company
will purchase the rights and i won't get to hear david
lucas as spike anyway.
by the way, i know that it's set before episode 23, so the
fact that there's a movie isn't really an argument for
believing that spike isn't dead. i think he's alive for
other reasons, like the fact that there were two stars at
the end and only one winked out -- i like to think that the
one that winked out was vicious. there's other stuff too,
like that if i accepted that spike was dead i might have a
breakdown. nevermind that he's only ink and paper anyway.
if i have any of this wrong, just let me know; it's been a
while since i've seen the last episode.
so i guess that's my entry, i don't exactly have a lot to
say. except i suppose that i find out whether i'm in
college or not on the fourteenth. eek.