Robbie M.

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2001-12-06 23:35:50 (UTC)

My life

At one time I looked at my life as if it was not worth
living. But one night when i was ready to end it, i talked
to a girl that cried at the thought of losing me. It
surprised the hell at of me. Someone in this world really
cares about me. That is a new conscept to me. A beautiful
girl really truly cares about me. But i am with her now and
it makes me really happy. But every once in awhile we have
problems but we get past them. I love her and she loves me
but i try to help her out with her problems. Like the ones
she haves with her mom. But i am not sure what to say cuz i
have not been in that position. And every thing i say seems
to me gose in one ear and out the other. She is so damn
worried about hurting me. She will not hurt me. I know this
cuz she loves me. ANd she would never do anything to hurt
me. She said so her self that she would hurt herself before
she would hurt me. So i know that will never happen. I tell
her everyday that I love her and she says it back. And when
ever i hear it i believe it more and more. I could see
myself spending the rest of my life with her. I want that
every time I am with her i want to drop to one knee and ask
her. but she dosen't want to "tie" her self down like that.
And I understand that. But I want her to know i love her
and always will no matter what happens. Shelly I love you
and I know you will not hurt me so stop pushing me away and
let me in. PLEASE!!!!! I love you baby....