mark my words
2001-12-06 23:32:39 (UTC)

slowly crawling out of the doghouse

Mom was horrible to me this morning but in the afternoon
she got a little better. Now I'm waiting for her to come
home so we can have a peaceful dinner for two of pasta with
shrimp. She's good at making it, but I'm not sure how
pleasant the company will be.
Nothing much is going on, guy wise. Bill didn't say hi to
me at all in school today (sniff!) but I talked to him
online for about a second. Some stupid shit about how we
were both grounded, then he said to hold on and I had to go
so I just said goodbye and signed off.
I'm litle by little getting over him, but its' so hard.
People seriously think we're "together" and to correct them
hurts really bad.
Also I am pissed because I destroyed some cute underwear
today.. my fucking period decided to surprise me and come
early. Thanks a lot! But at least I'm not pregnant, right?
And Mom got my Cotillion dress dry cleaned and all the
sequins fell off! I was so sad, it was such a cute dress
and it looked pretty when it sparkled in the light. We're
taking it back as soon as the my brother's bar mitzvah is
over, in a week and a half.
Okay, that's all for today. I'm not so depressed for once!