Bipolar - Fucked up
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2001-12-06 23:19:22 (UTC)


well i been talkin to johnny lately on this fake sn and he
is really nice to me, even though im pretty sure he knows
its me b/c he asked me if it was but i lied. hes really
sweet, but hes a player. i wish i could know how he felt
so i could see if im making a fool out of myself even
trying to get with him or if something might work out and
we could be together. i like him alot i just wish i had
the courage to tell him, b/c i really dont think i could
hide it anymore.hes just so cute, and he says he wants to
get with me sometimes, but i dont know if hes serious or
not, but when he says it he means he wants to hook up, not
get together bf/ and gf. and thats all good and everything
b/c id wanna do stuff with him. but i want it to be more
meaningful then just fucking, cause i really think im done
messing around, and i want a real bf not just one that
would want me for sex and thats all. i dunno im gonna go,
maybe ill talk to him later tonight.1