Matt Skiba's offiCiaL GrouPiE
2001-12-06 22:42:58 (UTC)

MxPx dream?

haha i had a dream that i went to an MxPx concert but it
was kinda gay... i mean sure, mike's hot and all, but it
was SOOO un realistic. like they didnt even play, tehy jus
fucked around the whole time lol *giggles*

anyway.. i was very high-spirited today for some reason. i
even gave fishie and cowlick some cookies! anyway, i got
really tires in Cosmetology.. oy, pin curls are SOOO

stefan came online todayyyyy!!!!!! *hugsssss stefan!!* and
i found out that we cant see eachother for our one-month :|
what kinda crap is that anyway. so we're gonna try to do
somethin saturday... which i feel REALLY bad about! cos i
already told robin i'd prolly do somethin with her saturday!

ugh! well again, i jus listened to alkaline trio all day...
i cant help it! leave me alone! shoo! haha anyway.. i
would really love to exterminate the entire population of
fruit flies.. GRRR!!

well thats about all that happened today.. Cya!