book of sarah
2001-12-06 22:31:11 (UTC)

sarah has entered the world of superficiality and egocentricism.

in short, i now have an online journal. 'tis all about me,
and my views of the world. (spins around in swivel chair
several times.) I could write about other things, though.
Gary Coleman, for example. He is not a bad person. He had to
hit those fans. They were being very annoying. What else was
poor Gary supposed to do? (sigh.) that isn't even original.
I wish I could give you the link to the website that put
that idea into my curly little brain, but I don't remember
it. Anyway, I don't think I can do the linkage thing in an
only diary. Must find out.
Today, P.J. said something very bad on the radio. The
FCC will have our asses, and we will all amount to nothing.
Ah, well. Such is life.
I played two Hanson songs on the radio. It was an
enjoyable way to spend the morning. Hopefully I will spend
many other mornings on the radio. If the F.C.C. catches me
and throws me down the garbage chute, however, i will
probably not be on the radio any more, alas.
Once there were two posessed little children. They
destroyed the lives of everyone around them with their evil
ways. I do not know how the story turns out, because I
haven't read the end of it yet.
(Spins around in swivel chair.) Spin, spin, spin.
Spin. SPIN! Bye, now. Bye!