*blank stare*
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2001-12-06 21:59:34 (UTC)

I'm Tired, Dirty, Hungry and Sore... Like I Just Had Nookie but Without the Fun

Ah, work. How fun it is, eh? I'm covered in paint, my
hands are grey they're so dirty, my feet are killing - and
I mean killing- me, and yesterday I not only accidentally
stuck my fingers in a fan (yes, which was on) but had
several long heated battles with a tape dispensor.
It won.
I do like my job though. I just wish I didn't have to be on
my feet for that damn long. Ack.
Anywho, last night Noah, Kieth, Steph, Amanda and I went
to Kosta's wrestling match, meeting up with his older
brother Don (Don knows, guys! Don KNOWS!)and one of their
friends. And, as if there was any need to doubt...
Kosta kicked ass. Totally. I think we helped, because while
he wrestled the 7 of us screaming and cheering for him was
louder than the rest of the audience was at it's loudest
point in the meet. At one point, while he was in a hold, he
stared right at us for a few minutes and then he began
whooping ass and didn't stop till the buzzer...um... buzzed.
I am so incredibly proud of him.
Not much else going on... get up, go to work, come home,
sit on my ass, go to bed... you get the idea.
*yawns* sleepy. oh well, only two more days till sunday,
when I can sleep until Kristen, Travis and Jordan arrive...
And then sleep some more...
Sleep good...

Music: With You by Linkin Park