Life as I know it.
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2001-12-06 20:29:04 (UTC)

be careful what you ask for

So monday i was still all bummed out about matt and just my
whole general love life. So i go to campus and get all my
work finished and was craving this fruit salad at this deli
by myhouse, so i figured fuck it, i want it ill get it. SO
i go in and order my fruit salad and the guy working there
asks me out, sweet but like 10 years older than me, so i
declined, not on purpose...LOL im dumb. ANd then I talked
to matt on tuesday night, and i dont know what is going on,
he says we're done totally, and i do believe him, but why
do i believe him cause i know he is gonna be like asking me
back out in a month then making up yet another dumb excuse
to as why we cant get back together. I dont know i dont
know i dont know. I guess we're friends again tho which is
a bonus. It just pissed me off tho, like he kissed me then
held my head away from him and looked at me with the "i
love you look" and im just pissed off cause i know that
look too well, like i know he does love me but the ass wont
commit. ALso today was my last day of class ever here at
pitt, tho i have tons of shit due next week during finals
week so come next friday im gonna be super happy cause im
done done done!!! Then i guess i gotta get a real job.
Shit happens. TOnight is Christy's birtday so im taking he
out to the bar tonight but i still have a lot of shit i
have to do, which means me walking thru the rain (gee rain
in pittsburgh, what a surprise) to get my ass up to
campus. THen i gotta go to a lecture at a neighboring

OH and what really pisses me off that matt im'd me at 2am
last night (i was in bed of course) and i dont know, i dotn
know i dont know, i know he was drunk or soemthing to be
im'ing me that late, and yeah im the one with the issue=0/