2001-12-06 19:46:17 (UTC)


I think I'm gonna past Senior Math..........YESSSSSSSSS!!!!
Anyway, I went to Warner Robins this past Tuesday. Oh my
gosh, Jonathan was not what I remember when I met him that
one nite. His face was soooooo flat. He was so short and
skinny. How did I miss that when I met him? I mean, it was
dark outside. I'll never do that again. I avoided him the
whole nite. I know that was low down, but I couldn't help
it. I guess that's the lil girl still in me. But anyway, I
will be sending my GA State application off either today or
tomorrow. I'm kinda scared about it. I want to pray about
it, but I would feel like I was wrong about it because I
can't remember the last time I turned to the LORD for help.
I would honestly feel that I was not worthy to go to HIM
because it seems as if I only ask upon HIS help when I need
something. I really feel bad for that. In some ways, I'm
trying to correct myself on the whole religious thing. I
was reading my diaries from the past last nite, and I use
to be so into loving the LORD. I'm not saying that I don't
love HIM now, but my concentration hasn't been on that.
It's kinda like wanting to ask your teacher something, but
you are afraid to because you will feel like she/he will
get mad at you. It's weird though. I guess I do need to
start praying more. I know I need to start praying more. *J*