No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2001-12-06 19:40:13 (UTC)

come on jessica, read this.

Jon was all like "i hate to see you without nick, or nick
without you." he was trying to get nick to get over this.
nick was like "she hates me" WHAT THE FUCK!? who decided
not to talk to who? sure as hell wasnt me. he sat at lunch
for awhile, maybe he wanted me to talk to him, to play it
off, but i cant do that. he decided our friendship was less
important than a girlfriend who is alwyas jealous, walks
all over him, and flirts with every guy that talks and
walks. she even lays out in the seat on the bus acting all
goth to impress greg. that is freaking low. she isnt even
goth. she got it from me. whatever my style is hers turns
into. nick and my friendship meant a lot to me, obviously
it wasnt mutual cuz he decided to just throw it away. not
me! but oh well, if he wants to act that way fine!

oh and jessica, she had a "pain in her stomach" i bet it
was from guilt. from what i understand she was talking shit
about me again today. how usual! doesnt suprise me. you
know jessica, i bet ur reading this and i hope you know
that you have gone beyond making me mad. this isn't
fixable. and taking my best friend? you were never a good
friend. NEVER! i dont want to talk to you, at all. so stop
trying to play everything off just cuz you have no one to
talk to. and maybe you should stop trying to impress greg.
you have a boyfriend that you treat like shit. you know,
you remind me of alisha. thats all you amount to, you are
just like Alisha. i'm so sick of this. you have no idea, it
was sooo hard for me not to punch you in the face in art
Wednesday. i hope you are happy and proud of yourself. you
lost me. i knwo it isnt a big loss, but one day you'll be

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