Diary of Stuff (Volume I)
2001-12-06 18:11:39 (UTC)

My Computer

Man, I hate the UI to this thing, they should implement
some sort of color-changing option on here.

So anyways, I wanted to remark just how useful the computer
has become in the last 10 years. My gwarsh, I play games
on this thing, do my finances, get online to pay my bills,
use email for correspondence, do research online. My
gwarsh, this thing is like, the ULTIMATE interface to data
(and streams) if you think about it. Information is all,
manipulating it is king, digesting it is totally up to you,
however...but then again, our brains are massive computers
in its own right. Information, information,
information...MORE! MORE! MORE!

I was just complaining to myself how my system probably
needs an upgrade or something. I got an mp3 playing, and
several webpages up, and it seemed like it took forever for
Word to come up, jeez.... With the price of memory these
days, it probably shouldn't be too difficult to upgrade in
that arena, because I am sure that's what this
overglorified wrench needs to be speedier. And maybe a
processor upgrade....well, I'll see how the prices are

the G-Man