I am a goddess
2001-12-06 16:55:34 (UTC)

My stream of consciousness

I am ever so bored; there is never anything to do. I should
have taken my art book home with me today. Ah well it’s too
late now. I really am quite tired. And thirsty, I’m going
to get a drink. Ooh I really like this song. I wish I could
go out on Friday but I have to go Christmas shopping. It’s
been a tiring day today, had no time to sit and rest.
Tomorrow will be even worse cos no frees.

I’m so happy cos today I found my friends there in my head.
Really do like that song. I really should fill in my
provisional form. Can’t be bothered. Now its song 2, real
car song. Like that one too. Well I would really consider
its being played on my jukebox.

God I hate this programme, where’s the control? I don’t
know I’ll look. Found it it’s on the table. Turned over
now. Not really listening to it anyway.

I don’t know what to say my mind has gone blank. Always
suspected there was nothing there. Where did u sleep last
night? In my room in my room where the sun makes me blind.
Cos it radiates off my walls. Eurgghh I don’t like this
song. Go away. Ooh it did it finished. Two jumps in a week
I bet you think that’s pretty clever don’t you boy. Flying
on your motorcycle watching all the ground beneath you
drop. Kill yourself for recognition kill yourself to never
ever stop.

Radiohead. One of the few songs by them that I like. My mam
and dad should be back soon. Had a huge fight with my mam
this morning she was a total cow. I’m not speaking to her;
have to remember that one for when she gets in. This is
actually quite therapeutic. I need to feel you, you need
to feel me I need to feel just why… Can’t remember the rest
of the words. Stupid song.

Pretty Christmas tree. I don’t know how I feel, kind of
weird. Wrinkling my face up now. I don’t exactly know why?

For all you people reading this who thinks I am strange
this is a bit of writing to practice my stream of
consciousness. Its where you write down exactly what you
are thinking, James Joyce and Virginia Woolf did it a lot.
That’s why I am doing it its for English and I need to