abby c

wow... that sucks
2001-12-06 16:50:33 (UTC)


eddyyy i am in school
falling apart in the damn library

last night right when you said that its not possible for us
to work out was when i told marc "i'm not taking it back"

you know like if you say soemthign like oh i wish i didn't
do it if i could go back in time i wouldn't have done it...
that sort of thing? well last night i said to marc "i'm not
taking it back" .... i would do it again, all over again

and now i feel stupid cuz me n marc are broken up and its
sort of liek one of those things like- you only realize
what you really had and how much it meant until you lost it

and i mean, you knwo how much i care about you and favor
you and all of that but with marc it was different... we
were ACTUALLY goign out, and he called me and we made plans
and i dont know- it was a real relationship

i would go out with you, i would do everythign for you and
you know it, i wish we could commit ourselves liek that...
i pray to god we weren't so hopeless ed

i'm thinkign about going to your room right now- your
watchvign shakepeare in love... and i would if only it
weren't liek this i could

ahhh but it is like this! and i hate it

but i cnat say i ahte it anymore because it doesn't solve
anything... maybe theres nothign to solve

maybe i'm destined to never be with you and always have
some other guy to tag along wiht... but i dont want it liek

i'm so numb with marc.. i have no feelings and its sucks
cuz i dont even feel liek i'm there

with you everything is so real, i know that i love you...
i've never questioned myself about that.. but i have a
trillion times about whether or not i even like marc

...and i'm afraid thats what you do with me too

i dont knwo what to do ed... i wish i wasn't grounded so i
could have plans with you this friday... and staurday...
and sunday too i dont care how busy you are you can make
time for me................... hmm i hope you think liek
that ed- you probabl;y dont though

i wish for a perfect life with you. i dont care if we're only kids...
beign a kid is the best time of your life and i want to share
everythign with the person that makes me the most happy

i wnated to call you last night but i was scared... and i didn't knwo
what i'd say

bye ed.... i have to go because the period is over
i love you and i dont wnat to cry anymore

do whats right for you ed... just tell me what it is