2001-12-06 16:47:51 (UTC)


hi today is december 6 2001 im in the library rite now at
school but im supposed to be in study hall but im not there
cuz i have nuttin else to do cuz i alreayd did my
homework!! i dont really know what to write so anyways....
ummmmmmmmmmmmmm tommaorw is friday thats good i guess
because that means a weekend is coming and its not going to
be a week day anymore so that means we dont have to go to
school and my computer says "printing for academic purposes
only. no personal printing allowed!" on my computer in this
library of school haha and it is 11:47 rite now ! oh no i
gotta go back to class soon so i dont get in trouble for
not signing back into my class room cuz that means i
wouldnt be able to come back herre in a whiel cuz i didnt
sign in and thats not good becasue then i wold have nothing
to do and i would be super bored well gotta go bye
wait i dont wnat to leave u yet!!!! so iw ill keep tlakign
about N-O-T-H-I-N-G- ha arent you lucky??wait for reall..
good bye friends of mine


wait not leaving... yes i am wait no im not i still have
time i think so toaday in school i ewnt to history,
english, study hall, lunch, and back at study hall well
library then i have art and then enhancement and then i go
home yay i need money for christmas prestents so if you
dont get one form me you know why.. wel either i have no
money or i dont feel like getting you one so anyways ummm
im lkooking into the guidance office and seeing whos in
there rite now.. ohh people people poeopel im not surprised

aer you?? hah im so bored today i had pizza and chocolate
chip muffins and doritos and a gartorade i liek fool a lot
this makes no sense! at my house i left a chocoate pudding
under my bed uh oh!! its been under there for a while now i
think... but that doesnt matter now does it but dont worry
its not just sitting there! its standing there! in its
little package thingy it coems in! wel thats good cuz if
not i would feel a little bad for it but i dont htink i
would cry for it okay gotta gooo for rela now!! byeee